About IMAB - A National Accreditation Body

The International Management Accreditation Board is independent accreditation body with headquarters in Singapore. It works to serve the global communities of businesses and consumers, assesses and monitors the technical competence of certification, inspection and professional training organization as an independent body. In this context, International Management Accreditation Board makes an important contribution to the quality assurance of products and services, consumer trust and the competitiveness of services. IMAB Accreditation is voluntary in nature.

The International Management Accreditation Board is non-profit organization that accredits more than 65 certifying bodies in different economies throughout the globe; subsequently these accredited certifying bodies have certified more than 30000 different organizations, and no. are going on.

The mutual recognition of accreditations among the Member Countries ensures the acceptance of conformity assessments all over the world.


Develop our member certifying bodies from every perspective of accreditation services and deliver impartial accreditation program in order to establish management system standard in every business segment.


By interacting with various regional accreditation authorities, board tries to ensure acceptance of accredited certifying body and their institutional activities inside and outside Singapore.


Optimize contribution of IMAB in management system accreditation service in order to strengthen system, health, safety, environment, information technology, aerospace, telecommunication, energy and product certification activities.