Board Assembly

Composition Of Board Assembly

Board assembly consist of 7 members that develop operation strategy of the board, control entire activities of supervisory committee and also provide support to management in order to enhance performance of all services. Board assembly has overall authority for ensuring smooth operation of IMAB and operational policies and procedures deployment.

Duties In the interest of industry, consumers and economy

IMAB is morally responsible for the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (laboratories, inspection and certification bodies).

IMAB in its role as an independent entity, assesses and monitors the technical competence of these bodies, whose services are required in virtually all segments of industry and trade. Clients range from small laboratories to multinational companies.

Accreditation by IMAB means that these bodies have been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability. In short, IMAB establishes control over ‘Controller’ of various businesses.

Through the establishment of accreditation body, IMAB has achieved an accreditation system that is transparent for manufacturers, consumers and conformity assessment bodies. The accreditation procedure creates trust in the results of certificates, test reports and inspections and supports their international recognition. In this context, IMAB makes an important contribution to the quality assurance in totality.


  • Ascertain impartiality in accreditation procedure,
  • Develop, adhere and follow principles and policies of operation of its accreditation system; and
  • Legal compliances and contractual obligation fulfilment
  • Protect interest of associated members, society as well as stakeholders in complete cycle.


  • Establish Supervisory Committee and Accreditation Committees to develop and make recommendations to be applied in new areas of accreditation,
  • Review the performance of independent accreditation system, including working methods of Accreditation Committee,
  • Review the criteria and conditions for the granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing accreditation;
  • Interact with regional accreditation bodies in order share knowledge and competence of own professionals
  • The formulation and review of specific technical criteria to facilitate effective and consistent application of IMAB activities