Feedback & Complaint

IMAB is committed to improve all services delivered and strive to enhance performance as well. We welcome every feedback received from you and assure you that necessary action will be implemented to protect your interest in our service.

Subsequently, if there is any complaint regarding performance or service provided by our member organization, please feel free to contact us and provide information in detail through this form. Complaint that is not addressed within an agreed timeframe by our member body can be referred to IMAB.

IMAB has its own views on complain handling procedure and expect you to work together in order to resolve your concerns and complaints in a constructive and timely manner. Should you have any comment or complaint, please contact us so that we can expedite our action quickly.

As per our complaint handling policy,
  • Everyone (received service from us or member body) has the rights to provide feedback or submit a complaint.
  • Before submitting complaint to IMAB, there has to be an evidence that the same complaint has been raised with the CAB (our member body) and it has not been solved in reasonable time frame.
  • Your valid complaint will be accepted by us and upon verification same will be acknowledged.
  • Every complaint will be handled by neutral personnel (not connected with CAB) fairly & confidently.
  • Necessary action will be executed and same will be intimated to you without undue delay.
  • Whenever course of action needs longer time to resolve the issue, progress status will be intimated to you.
Complaint Registration Procedure

Complaint can be submitted in a letter, updating following form or sending an email. Please check our 'Contact' menu. If you wish to maintain your identity un-disclosed, IMAB will surely help you by maintaining your entire information intact.

Complainant will receive an acknowledgement within 10 working days. Complaint solving procedure will be executed as per policy and necessary action(s) will be implemented within stipulated time frame.